get READY – Discover your research perspective

The training “get READY” is meant to give orientation to doctoral students that consider a career outside the University. Participants shall get insights into research and development processes of companies and organizations to get ready for their future work places. 

During the 2-day training trainees will learn what it takes to be part of an innovative organization by discussing the following questions:

  • What is innovation?
  • How does Innovation emerge (strategy, processes, culture)?
  • What is open innovation?
  • How to diffuse innovation?

The training follows the participatory action learning approach and trainees will be actively engaged in all sessions. The exchange of experience and views among participants will be strongly promoted by the trainers.

The training has been jointly developed by the Institute of Entrepreneurship and Business Development of the University of Lübeck and GFA Consulting Group GmbH, a consulting company mainly engaged in international development cooperation. 

Depending on language skills of registered participants, the training will either be held in German or English language.


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Dr. Christoph Strumann, Maike Kuske, IEBD

Christine Fröhlich, GFA Consulting Group GmbH

Zeit:24.10.2017, 09:00–18:00 Uhr
25.10.2017, 09:00–18:00 Uhr
Ort:Herrenhaus (Haus 82)